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About Me, your Seattle Cat & home sitter

I am happy to be chosen as your cat sitter, what could be better than visiting and taking care of cats! 

I have had cats my whole life and have taken care of many cats for friends and neighbors before I became a cat sitter. I have also volunteered for the Seattle Animal Shelter, fostering injured and sick cats and kittens in my home. I am comfortable with most medical needs of cats including pills, injections and Sub-Q fluids, elderly cat care and special diets.

I am starting Graduate school at the UW September 2015 and will be in the Occupational Therapy program for 2 years. I will be continuing cat care with the help of my co-cat sitter
Danny who has worked for me for over 3 years now.

My other interests include: Graphic Design (my other career!), Photography (many clients like email or texts with photos of their cats while they are away!) All photos on this site are my own, and of cats I have cared for. 
Greyhounds, Jewelry (fusing fine silver and beading, see below), swimming & running, travel and gardening are also interests of mine. 

Travel is always an adventure. I've been to many parts of the US and Canada, as well as much of Europe, also Morocco, Russia and Kazakhstan.

I am a resident of Madison Valley (previously Montlake, Central Area & Capitol Hill) and I'm already loving meeting my nice new neighbors! I serve Seattle neighborhoods to the East of downtown. (see map on my home page). I like the ability to bike or walk to work when I can, so I try to keep my service area close to home. (which is also environmentally friendly practice). This said, I am also seen driving more than I wish, but it would be nice to cut down on time behind the wheel, right? My trusty little car does get over 30 MPG.

Thanks for trusting me to care for your cat!

Graphic Design: Before I was cat sitting I did Graphic Design full time. I still do small projects. Here are some of my favorites, done for Seattle friends. Click on the card for a link to their websites.

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