Seattle Cat Sitting Service

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Forms & Before you leave your pet at home 

Safety First, check your home for:

  • Extension cords that could be chewed
  • Poisons, chemicals, anti-freeze
  • String and rubberbands that could be swallowed. Hanging window blind cords.
  • Escape routes (open windows)
  • Cat safety article
  • Plenty of favorite food
  • Litter and supplies
  • Medications & grooming supplies if needed
  • Cleaning supplies such as dustpan and broom, and items for hairball clean up
Your Home
  • I will take in your mail and newspapers unless you prefer to stop them
  • I can adjust lights and blinds, lights on timers are also nice
  • Be sure I have your Pet-Sitting contract and Pet-Form filled out with at least one Emergancy contact person (click on links above to download).
NOTE: The Web sites listed above are intended as resources only. They are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. 
Mr. Big & Julep, my own two kitties!
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